Desipramine / Bupropion Clinical Drug-Drug Interaction

COMMENT: The fact that desipramine levels were doubled with the addition of bupropion was a surprising clinical event because bupropion’s Ki is so high that it was though not possible for it to significntly inhibit CYP2D6 (IC50 is more than 50uM). In this in vitro study, it is shown that the actual culprits (perpetrators) of [...]

Science magazine fuels DNA testing controvery with prejudicial misquote

There is a policy comment due out in Science today in which Genelex’s website is prejudicially quoted out of context.    The quote in the article is:   “Some Web sites make explicit claims about the utility of CYP450 testing for particular drugs, such as the claim by Genelex that pharmacogenetic testing is “required to effectively prescribe [...]

Pharmacokinetic Interaction Between Tadalafil and Bosentan in Healthy Male Subjects

COMMENT: Combinations of agents are being tried for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH)- a serious illness with a limited life expectancy. The clinical study below shows that the combination of a PDE5 inhibitor, tadalafil with bosentan, an agent already in use for PAH leads to the significant reduction in exposure of tadalafil because of the induction [...]


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