Decreased Susceptibility of the Cytochrome P450 2B6 Variant K262R to Inhibition by Several Clinically Important Drugs.

Drug Metab Dispos. 2008 Dec 12 Talakad JC, Kumar S, Halpert JR. University of California San Diego. Cytochrome P450 (CYP) 2B6 metabolizes a number of clinically relevant drugs and is one of the most highly polymorphic human P450 enzymes, with the Lys(262)–>Arg substitution being especially common in several genetic variants. Therefore, K262R (2B6*4) was created [...]

Mayo study further confirms the importance of CYP2D6 for tamoxifen effectiveness building the case for genotyping and medication management

Mayo gave a presentation yesterday at the 31st annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium that further confirms the importance of the liver enzyme CYP2D6 in tamoxifen effectiveness. Tamoxifen is often prescribed to block the effects of estrogen in breast tissue to prevent breast cancer recurrence in ER+ (estrogen receptor positive) cancers which require estrogen to [...]


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