The NFCR co-authored this press release to help raise awareness if tamoxifen DNA testing

“It takes time to move a technology from bench to bedside. When it comes to DNA testing to determine if breast cancer patients are likely to benefit from tamoxifen, that wait needs to end,” stated NFCR President Franklin C. Salisbury, Jr.

It’s Time for Tamoxifen CYP2D6 Testing to Become the Standard of Care

JAMA released more research today that further confirms the importance of CYP2D6 testing to determine tamoxifen efficacy. Full details at The conclusion: Recurrence Rates: 14.9% for extensive metabolizers 20.9% for intermediate metabolizers 29.0% for poor metabolizers This means that Extensive Metabolizers will get the same preventative outcome from tamoxifen as much more expensive aromatase [...]


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